Accessibility Statement

Diuk is a company providing services in the automotive field.

In this statement we aim to optimize the use and improve our service in regards to accessibility and equal rights for people with disabilities. The accessibility adjustment was carried out in accordance with Regulation 35 of Equal Rights for people with Disabilities.

The compatibility of the accessibility plug was tested in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla and Edge browsers.

Accessibility measures available on the site:

  • Plugin support in all standard browsers (such as Chrome, Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Mozilla).
  • The contents of the site are written in clear language and large and legible fonts are used
  • Site structures are made up of headings and paragraphs
  • Navigating the site is simple and convenient and includes an available and clear menu
  • The links on the website are clear and accessible to click
  • The links on the page that allow skipping to the content
  • There is a textual description for images and icons for assistive technologies
  • The site is responsive – and suitable for work environments with different resolutions

Changing the display on the website:

  • You can increase or decrease the view of the site by pressing one of the “CTRL” buttons together with the mouse wheel or together with the “+” sign for enlargement or together with the “-” sign for reducing the display. Each click will decrease or increase the screen by ten percent (10%)
  • Changing the font size will be done using the accessibility menu.
  • Users who do not have a mouse or cannot use a mouse can activate the features found on the site by pressing the “TAB” key. Each click will move the cursor to the next option on the site

Site adaptation for the visually and hearing impaired:

  • Basic visibility (resolution) increasers

The management does everything possible to make sure that the pages displayed on the website are accessible. At the same time, there may be pages that have not yet been accessed, or for which a suitable technological solution has not yet been found for the purpose of accessing them.

Diuk factory meets the accessibility requirements according to law and includes an accessible entrance, accessible toilets and disabled parking.

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Details of accessibility manager on the website:

Name: Liat Landau